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Introduction of the parts of Pipe and Drape kits

1. The role of the floor is used for fixing the column, the material is iron, the surface is treated with black paint, including an iron plate with an iron connecting shaft, and the bottom plate is fixed with hexagon screws. When used, the bottom part of the column into the bottom of the casing above the can. rectangle and square shapes. But carefully:
1)The use of the three holes on the base, the side hole is the curtain frame program needs to be installed near the wall when used; corner hole is the curtain frame program needs to be installed in a corner of the place used;
2)The diameter of the connecting shaft of the 2-tube and 3-pipe is not the same;

pipe and drape kits
2. Removable curtain frame telescopic device (bowl), this feature is the Division I in technology research and development with other company's products, exclusive, exclusive, customers in the course of the bowl and tube problems, just replace the bowl or Tube, do not have to replace the whole package, cost savings;
3. The column has a logo scale, the customer can choose to stretch to a certain height, with the highest warning signs, safe and convenient;
4. There are conventional size, can also be based on the customer's different site requirements for special size design, the size of the more flexible and diverse, to meet the various needs of customers;
5. curtain material with flannel, mantle yarn, lamp beads curtain, bead curtain; rich and varied. Velvet curtains: generally used in exhibitions, conferences, backgrounds, ceremonies, commonly used in black, red, blue, sub-light and opaque two kinds of curtain above a set of holes, when used directly on the cross tube above It can be;
Mantle yarn curtains: generally used in the wedding, commonly used for white;

6. Conventional packaging The default pearl cotton, tape plus carton packaging, each box with 4-6 pipe, each tube are separated with Zhenzhu Mian, to prevent the deformation in the transport process. In addition, there are portable bags, chassis packaging, cart packaging, to meet the different needs of customers;