Stand Pipe System for Backdrop Curtain Support
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The pipe and drape system are widely used as backdrop.The back drapes are also ideal for use as room dividers, exhibition stand,curtain backgrounds, catering aisles, partitions, stage backdrops, and drape decoration at events such as trade shows, weddings, industry functions, fairs, receptions, fundraisers, special events, performances, and more.
RK pipe and drape system available size as below:
Adjustable upright:
EU Standard:
1.2 m-2.1 m,1.5 m-2.4 m,1.8 m-3.0m,2.1 m-3.6 m,2.4 m-4.2 m,2.7 m-4.8 m,2.1 m-5.1 m,2.4 m-6.0 m,2.7 m-6.9 m
US Standard:
4 ft-7 ft,5 ft-8 ft,6 ft-10 ft,7 ft-12 ft,8 ft-14 ft,9 ft-16 ft,7 ft-17 ft,8 ft-20 ft,9 ft-23 ft
Telescopic crossbar:
EU Standard:
0.9 m-1.5 m,1.2 m-2.1 m,1.5 m-2.4 m,1.8 m-3.0 m,2.1 m-3.6 m,2.4 m-4.2 m,2.7 m-4.8 m
US Standard:
3 ft-5 ft,5 ft-8 ft,6 ft-10 ft,7 ft-12 ft,8 ft-14 ft,9 ft-16 ft
Base Plate:
EU Standard:
450*450*5 mm,500*500*5 mm,600*600*5 mm,450*450*8 mm,600*600*8 mm
US Standard:
18" x 18" x 3/16" ,24" x 24" x 3/16",18" x 18" x 3/8" ,24" x 24" x 3/8"

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