RK Portable Pipe and Backdrop Drapes Systems
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Pipe and drape systems are extremely popular and can be used for a variety of venues,like wedding,speech,meeting,exhibition,fairs,receptions and more.
Backdrops are available in many styles, sizes and colors.For different venue,we provide different backdrop.The backdrop are widely used,such as photography backdrops,custom backdrop,photo background,prom backdrops,Studio backdrops,wedding backdrops,photo booth backdrops,party backdrops,stage backdrops etc.The first thing to look at is the height that you'll need.How to select the height of the pipes,you should measure the height of your venue first.We provide a wide height,from 5ft to 26ft,can meet all your requirements,also it you need special design,please feel free to contact us.As the colors,we do provide many types of the drapes,like chiffon,velour,velvet,star curtain and more.Each drapes have kinds of colors for your choice.
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