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Trade show booth are widely used for exhibition. According to the actual needs of user, pipe and drape trade show booth usually designed in three main categories, single booth, in line booth and back to back booth. Let’s me introduce RK trade show booth to you briefly.
1.   Single Booth Design

single booth design trade show booth

A single booth also called island booth, this is because there is no connecting booth around. Each booth can be designed at different size according to user’s actual needs. For example, you can select the most popular booth which has relatively standard sizes. RK offer standard trade show booth pipe and drapes with 8 foot slip-fit uprights and 6-10 foot wide telescopic drapes support rod. Of course, the booth can be adjusted according to the size of the exhibition hall and floor.

2.   In line booth design

in line booth design
The single in line booth design is ideal solutions for layout. The whole solution can be easily finished just by connecting parts onto the single booth. For example, for two booths, just add a single back wall and side wall on the side. One by one, the single in line booth is connected. As for the number of booth, you can add up to 24 or more. FOR THE 24 in line booth, our just need to purchase 25 main uprights. RK can offer standard sized pipe and drapes for your needs. The whole booth system installation can be finished by one person, it’s very fast, only takes several minutes for each booth.

3.     Back to Back Booth Design

back to back booth design

The back to back booth design is more popular, save space and money. Every back to back booth share the same back wall and neighboring share the same upright and side wall. They can be easily connected and combined. For example, only 13 main uprights are needed for a 24 booth back to back double line booth. RK trade show booth will include the bases, uprights, drape support rods, and drape panels. Allow you to create a standard 10x10 booth (10 feet wide x 10 feet deep). 

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