RK Pipe and Drape for Exhibition Display
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RK pipe and drape system are commonly used for trade show booths, room divider, wedding backdrop, photo booths, stage backdrop, portable changing rooms.These are just a few examples of the many different ways our pipe and drape systems can be used.
As for the exhibition display,the pipe and drape is the best choice.Portable to move from one place to another,easy to set up and dismantle and won’t west time.Also it’s much more economic other things for display function,can be recycled for different events.
Below is the back to back design,3.0m*3.0m for each booth.The quantity and details as below.

RK-315 0.9 m Standard sidewall upright, 8
RK-815 2.4 m Standard backwall upright, 4
RK-B814-315-BK 20 x 35 x 5 mm Base plate,Pin & Scrow,black, 4
RK-B1416-315-BK 35 x 40 x 5 mm Base plate,Pin & Scrow,black, 8
RK-TDS610 1.8m - 3.0 m telescopic crossbar,
stops at 2.4m & 3.0 m,
331M58CX-3 0.9 m *4.5 m Banjo Drape Panels, for sidewall,red, 8
331M58CX-8 2.4 m*4.5 m Banjo Drape Panels, for sidewall,red, 3
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