Hot sale truss system for sale in RK
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truss and stage system
Material: Aluminum 6082-T6;
Using imported welding rod;
Reassemble in Advance;

1. These truss projects can be used for hanging lights, audio, speakers; 
2. Aluminum Bolt Light Truss System use range: Event, outdoor show, fashion show, concert, rental party, wedding, and booth…

3Feature of the truss:
1. Non-rust, fire-poof, hardwearing, lightweight, high load capacity.
2. Eco-friendly, recycle, good at decoration, multi-function.
3. Easy to transport and stock.

4Aluminum truss installment advice:
1. Span: 1-12m
    If the span of beam is less than 12m you can use 290mm*290mm truss
2. Span: 12-18m
   If the span of beam is within 12m to 16m you can use 400mm*400mm truss
3.  Span: 18-22m
     If the span of beam is within 16m to 20m you can use 500mm*500mm truss
4. Span: more than 22m