Fixed height Indoor smart stage
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Fixed height Indoor smart stage

Being as event equipment manufacturer for nearly 20 years, RK is one of the best reliable suppliers for client.We have many different kids of stages,like aluminum stage,beyond stage,folding stage and the stage i want to share today-Smart stage.It is widely used in many kinds of indoor outdoor events,like concerts,parties,wedding and so on.

Below is one of our newly got client’s smart stage feedback picture.
As you can see from the picture,our smart stage is fixed height.Suitable for some smaller events.Height 20cm,40cm,60cm,80cm,100cm available, if you need higher can also stack risers to make it higher to 1.5m.

The unit panel size 1mx1m,1mx2m,4ftx4ft.Out hot sale style is industrial style.Non scratched and easy to clean up.

Comparing with our other style stages,here are some advantages of our smart stages:

1.light weight but high bearing capacity. Compared with other style stage,the stage ligher a lot,but the bearing capacity is as high as 850kg/square meters. Strong enough for any events.
2. easily install stage, a single man can install a project within few minutes. The structure is very simple, stage panels and risers.On the back of the platform there will be lock with button on the corners. Only need to press the button then can install or take out the risers.Here is the install video: 
Once any interest to know more about our smart stages kindly feel free to contact me whenever. Below are my contact details, your contact is always welcomed!

Mobile/Whats App: +8613534064248
Skype: rackcase1

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