RK Portable Event Stage with Folding Riser
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RK smart stage is popular for wedding,concert,conference,speaking events etc.This smart stage is easy to install with inter lock system.The folding riser make the stage much stable and much save space when storage.Most importantly,the smart stage is high load bearing,can reach to 850 kg sqm.
The size of stage platform,3’*3’,4’*4’,1 m*1m ,1m*2m.The height of folding riser,8’’,16’’,24’’,32’’,20 cm,40 cm,60 cm,80 cm.Industrial material,Carpet finish and Tuffcoat finish for the platform surface.
This stage’s dimension is 3.0m by 4.0m and 40 cm high,total 12 sets 1.0m*1.0m platform and 12 pieces 40 cm riser.The surface is carpet finish,soft and gentle carpet materials.
Flight case and trolley for packing and storage are available,6 pcs platform and riser per case,12 pcs platform per trolley.Other accessories like stage skirt,guard rail are available.

3m by 4m smart stage
Model Description Quantity
RAK-SQ1010I Stage platform :1mx1m,
Surface:Industrial material,Non-Slip,
RAK-SQ1010X40 Folding Riser for 1.0*1.0  Platform,
Height: 40cm
RKEC6X1X1C Flight case for stage,
6 pcs platforms and risers per case,
Weight:about 48 kg
Dimension:52.0 *110.0 *124.0 cm
Contact:Rachel Wang
Skype: sd80012

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